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Part 2: Creating a Business that Leads into the Future

Don’t you want to see your business flourish tomorrow? A month from now? 6 months from now? A year? 3 years? 5 years from now? If so, you want to create a business that leads into the future! You want a business that is just not profiting flourishing today but futuristically!

So the million-dollar question is how do you create a business that leads futuristically?

Here is how you can create a business that leads into the future:

  1. Be a servant to the people. No matter what business industry you are in, you have to remember one thing: customer service! Your business serves people. If you aren’t people friendly or have employees who are people friendly then guess what? No one will buy your product or service. Does not matter how good they are!
  2. Have character. This is a biggie. A lot of business owners dissolve between their first year of business and third year of business because the business owner does not have character. Character is a reflection of who you are. It is almost impossible nowadays to separate the business owner from her brand. If people know you as a liar in your personal life, then they will associate your dishonesty in business as well. So you have to remember when you are in charge all eyes are watching you 24/7.
  3. Be humble. You must keep your ego and pride in check. Sometimes when we get accomplishments, accolades, and/or business growth we can get a little prideful. It’s okay to share your accomplishments with the world but you don’t want to over do it to the point where you are over exaggerating or turning away potential clientele because of your ego.
  4. Constantly evolve. We live in a generation where things are constantly changing with a blink of an eye. You must be willing to change and tweak your business in order to grow. If not, your business and brand will eventually die out. Some strategies and ideas that were relevant 5 years ago aren’t relevant today. Do your research in your particular industry so you can stay on top of the latest business trends from marketing, to branding, to finance, to investing, to target audience, and etc.
  5. Accept constructive criticism. I know this one is hard especially when you built your business from scratch by yourself! BUT, in order to lead into the future you must be able to listen to constructive criticism. No you have to be careful about WHO you listen to. Some people will tell you things to sabotage your business and some will tell you things to actually advance you. Use your discretion on who you allow in your circle of influence.
  6. Stick your caboose to someone greater than you. I heard this from the renowned Lisa Nichols. She said in order to take your life and business to the next level you have to “stick you caboose to someone greater than you.” This means you need to get a coach or a business mentor who has attained a higher level of success in their business and has a track record to prove it. I always recommend reaching out to someone who is successful in your industry. LinkedIn and Facebook are great resource tools to send a quick message to someone who you are interested in. Another great way to find a mentor or a coach is to reach out to professional organizations in your niche. The American Business Association is a great organization to start with.

 This is just a short essential outline to get you started on actually extending the longevity of your business. These are easy steps you can take today to lead your business into the future!

Please drop us a comment below and tell us how you are going to start leading your business into the future today!

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ReeJade Richmond

CEO & Founder of Search for Her Existence, LLC




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