My Favorite Jimmy Fallon & The Roots

My favorite Jimmy Fallon musical renditions. He brings a new spin on late night and the Roots are so talented its a DAMN shame!

Miley Cirus is too cute. I am not really a fan, but I have to give her kudos on this song. She is talented! Its the first time I really listened to the words and I can say I actually like this song. Quest Love knew he was loving the line with that mentioned the strip club. His smile was contagious!

Robin Thicke looks like he could not keep it together on “Blurred Lines”. Too cute….

On “Call Me Baby”, Black Thought was feeling that song.  I have watched this one repeatedly.  My lil Diva and I groove to this song whenever we hear it.  I can not get enough of this song!  Carly Rae is adorable…

This is why music in schools is so important! Bring it back!!!!

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