The Face of America

Dante de Blasio son to Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray demeonstrates in the campaign ad “the new faces of America”. Many may not want to acknowledge it or see it! The de Blasio family dynamics and personal story is a tale that LOVE does conquer all and change is inevitable. Their message for change is a reflection in their children.

de Blasio pathtoprogress

I admire the marriage of Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray. They appear to have a recipe for a successful marriage despite all the obstacles they may have encountered and continue too. Having to discuss her life as a lesbian through her Essence article “I Am A Lesbian”.


I think she is a courageous woman with grace and beauty. I can not ommit her NATURAL ESSENCE and I LOVE that she shows it in the platform that she is in! I am inspired by her as a black woman, mother and the navigator of her own story!

de Blasios Wife article-chirlane1-0509

The de Blasio’s have a bright future to change with the newly backing of the Clintons. This will be an interesting race for Mayorship and a positive for New Yorkers!

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