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I had the wonderful opportunity to interview ReeJade Richmond President/CEO of Search for Her Existence, LLC also known as S.H.E. which is  an empowerment company focused on creating women leaders.

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They train women on how they can develop their leadership skills so they can be successful in all areas of their lives.  Although they train women who seek their services, they also train companies and corporations who have women that want to increase their representation of women as well as focus on recruitment efforts.  When ReeJade started S.H.E. her vision was to have  women as clients.  In her assessment, she realized she was making a minor impact due to some women not having the ability or knowledge base that investing in said services would improve and/or enhance their lives.  S.H.E is based in detroit and ReeJade Richmond travels to her clients for the purpose of emcee, hosting events and trainings.

Before S.H.E. ReeJade Richmond worked at a celebrity law firm specializing in trademarks and copyrights. She worked with many celebs such as Aretha Franklin, Alex Haley heirs, Malcolm X’s heirs, projects involving the legacy of Rosa Parks and President Barack Obama.

Everyday ReeJade Richmond woke up feeling unfulfilled.   This began to affect areas in her personal life such as her marriage which was all a reoccurence of her unhapiness with her current job. She became tired of  compromising herself, not getting the credit, respect, and value for her work product. She was in essence tired of working for people that devalued her contributions as well as  building someone else’s dream.  Even though she had acquired success through schooling, getting married, becoming a mother and becoming a homeowner, she felt like she was having a midlife crisis at the tender age of 24.

Working with high profile clients may have been exciting, but ReeJade Richmond knew her true calling and existence was for something greater. Hence the birth of S.H.E.   S.H.E was legally incorporated in April 16, 2013. However, the vision and beginnings of S.H.E started in 2011.

The majority of participants in S.H.E are all word of mouth. Some inquires are received through social media or website but mainly word of mouth has produced the most success. Keeping a family balance allows ReeJade to have full control of her schedule with trainng clients. She does this by taking a month off between projects.

ReeJade Richmond is a true leader among women and she has not allowed challenges in her personal life to distract her from her visions and mission for S.H.E.  Examples of this is being diagnosed with lupus a chronic illness at age 14 and was told she would not make it to her 20’s.  Her passion and drive has kept her going and she has defied the odds.  Another recent challenge that ReeJade Richmond faces is giving birth and having to leave her baby in the NICU since March 2014.  Her daughter was born 1lb 3oz and she recently turned 3 months June and currently weighs 3lbs 9oz. I could not imagine going through this especially as a new mother.  This definitely speaks to the SURVIVOR in ReeJade Richmond.  She has not allowed her company to suffer under these challenges!  She has learned through personal experiences as well as obtained a BS in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology and a Juris Doctor with a concentration in International Law to create the life she wants and deserves.

ReeJade Richmond challenge was the fear of what others would think especially because she had dreams of becoming a lawyer. She was afraid of being judged due to this.  However,  once she got started. her business boomed so fast that she had to keep up literally with the demands. S.H.E is ran solely by ReeJade Richmond and she hires contractors to handle certain aspects of her business.

ReeJade Richmond is creating a legacy with the message on “how to do it”.  Many women struggle in all facets of their lives because they are afraid to share their truths.

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Personal Advice from ReeJade Richmond:

Listen to that still voice inside of you. If you spend your day thinking and daydreaming about doing something else, than working for someone else, then DO IT! Its absolutely crazy to wake up everyday and rush to a job you are absolutely miserable at to build someone else’s dreams. If you are hungry for something more, then feed that hunger. Starting a business and running it is hard work! If you aren’t willing to hustle and bustle then entrepreneurship is not for you. Your income will fluctuate. Nothing will be stable. But the most important thing is you can control how much you make and how you spend your time and the impact you make. Also, whatever business industry you go into you must be a servant first. We all need money. But if your only motivation for being your own boss is because you want to make money then you will be in for a rude awakening. A quote that gets me through any area of my life and my business is “learn from the past, live in the present, and lead into the future”.

I so enjoyed my interview with ReeJade Richmond and she definitely has the “ISMS” for being RESILIENT, empowering women and being her own BOSS!

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