Phenomenal Woman


Dr. Maya Angelou reads “Phenomenal Woman”…  I heard about Dr. Maya Angelou’s passing today during my travels back to the west coast.  I was  stunned as I read the words from my soulful lil sis.  She was recalling using Dr. Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman for her quote in high school and got to see her at Bennett College.

As I recall my encounter with Dr. Maya Angelou’s work, it was in high school (Brookline, MA) as we were reading many literary works for our senior papers.  I Know The Cage Bird Sings was my first reading then came many more of her works that I became interested in.  Not knowing how the power of this woman was so interwoven in so many of our lives as girls on our way to womanhood.  I was even more blown away when my sister shared her pic with me with Dr. Maya Angelou during her college days.  Wow the power of connections and how she has spoken confidence, birth right and the right to be me and YOU!

Always remember what you possess!

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