My Natural Hair Saga

When I started my journey to go natural, the fear of no longer relaxing my hair and wearing weaves would send me into deep avoidance riddled with tons of excuses.  It wasn’t until I lost clumps of hair after my wedding due to all the over processing that was done for that big day!  My circumstances of hair loss forced me to stay away from all that binded me to a false sense of beauty.

After I started the courageous walk and decided to grow locs.  I have been on a natural high with the beauty of my natural mane.  The myths that I had before have all subside and I realized I lacked education on how to care for my natural hair.  I thought being natural would limit me to styling options and decrease my options with advancement in my career.   However, I was wrong again…

This process has really been a spiritual journey of letting go and I am enjoying every moment of my personal growth.  I sometimes flirt with the idea of going back to the chemically treated world and then I think about how far I have come with embracing my hair and I can not see myself going back.

I recently saw this post (pictured below) and thought it was a great reminder of individuality, fearlessness and being one with your hair!





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