DermOrganic Review

IMG_20130527_154736_edit0I try to be consistent with the products I use on my locs.  I received sample products from Dee of Nubian Glam Rock in Phoenix, AZ.  I tried Derm Organic (pictured above) with a bit of skepticism.  While washing my “Crowning Glory” I noticed the shampoo had minimal lather. I remember hearing on the Wen infomercial that lather strips the hair.  My washing experience with DermOrganic was better than I had expected. My locs maintained a luster and I did not experience the dryness  after using DermOrganic.  I will be visiting the DermOrganic site to find more products. Here are a few pics of before my wash and after.

 Before wash
 After wash
IMG_20130527_174649-e1370637952913-768x1024  20130528_073835

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