Webseries Venus vs Mars & All About The McKenzies Are Back

If you have never viewed webseries you are missing out especially with these two from the UK.  Venus vs Mars examines the excitement and difficulties with dating.  Venus takes the viewer through dating tales, relationship woes and long term friendship.  This webseries will not disappoint and you will be laughing from beginning to end.  Just be ready for when it ends, because you will be left wanting more.  Check out new episode below and all older episodes are available on You Tube.

Venus vs Mars

The McKenzies is another webseries about a family and the growing pains they all experience from each other.  Its similar to the Cosby show with a british and island twist.  This webseries will leave you weak from laughing and will have you loving this fictitious family.  Check out newest episode below and to see more, payment is required.  Older episodes are available on You Tube.

All About The McKenzies

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