Tell Us How You Really Feel

When I heard about this clip yesterday I had to do a Google search and to my disbelief I was shocked. So shocked that I had to look at the clip 3-4 times.  Each time I laughed because Charlo Greene was so matter of fact with her delivery.  I wasn’t shocked about her “cannabis movement”, it was her flipped shoulder shrugging demeanor that got me!  I wasn’t even offended by the F it at the time and I’m still not.  So I went on to check her FB out because there had to be more to her that just what we all saw.  Interestingly enough she has a campaign to raise money for her cause and the campaign was active as of yesterday.  Having an AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH moment.  Her page was up for about a day and it was already over $5,000.  Check the link below:

There will be lots of judgements and speculation on Charlo Greene’s actions yesterday.  Instead of the F it, I would have thanked the station for giving me the platform to give my message and quit my job ever so gracefully because if she did not have this opportunity, she would not be in the position she is in now with her awareness/campaign/cause!

Very strategic and I hope it all works out for her and her actions yesterday do not deliver “Mama Karma’s Blessings”!

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