Sallie Mae Pay My Tuition Please

This parody is funny, but the reality of it is many of us leave college with a degree and in debt up to our eyeballs with no emploment pulling six figures. No one prepares you for the feeling after you leave school and receive your first Sallie Mae bill. Not to mention the figures in the box that seem to go on and on. Then there is the length of time you have to pay this off. Talk about anxiety and pressure. After undergraduate I toyed wit the idea of going to graduate school and I had flashbacks of that bill.

I eventually went back to school and got my Masters in Education because I knew I needed it to be more marketable. I thought about the bill this second time around and I figured I will be paying for the rest of my adult life so I did not allow my flashbacks to deter me from returning to school. Ever so often I get the urge to go back and get my PHD. If I do so, I will be researching another stream of financial opportunities because there is no way I will be adding any more debt to what I currently have.


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