Marvels Relaunches Spider Woman


I am not really into comics, but of course I became intrigued when I saw the new relaunch of Spider Woman. Jessica Drew plays the role of parent by day and super hero by night. Set to launch in October, I can’t wait to read this story line. There are many women who play this role and have to juggle parenting and careers. It becomes even more challenging when you are balancing womanhood and feeling sexy in your own skin (I can so relate to that especially after the birth of my daughter). I wonder how Jessica Drew will deal with swollen feet, aching body parts, heavy breasts, the constant urge to wipe your vajayjay because your always moist and a bladder thats always full even though you just emptied it. Oh the BEAUTIFUL dilemma’s with pregnancy! I can’t wait to read how Jessica Drew handles it all. I have to commend Marvel Comics for being progressive. Hope I feel the same after I read it.

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