Did He Really Say That?

On Saturday I decided to get a massage with the Black Women That Rock Meetup Group.  I planned to be there on time, but the universe was not in alignment correctly and I was a tad-bit late.  Nonetheless, I made it and I knew I needed this massage after a week of constantly giving of myself to others.

While I was waiting to be called for my massage, this gentleman comes in and goes to the window where payments are made.  As he proceeded to leave, he stopped where I was sitting and said, “Its so beautiful to see all this cocoa brown this morning”. Not sure if I heard him correctly, I said excuse me. He repeated the same line, introduced his self and said sometimes we do not appreciate hues like yours. He wished me a good day and I responded same to you.

Replaying his comment I smiled and repeated, Cocoa Brown it was Flirting With My ISMS…


NM Collage

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