Trin Tobago The HAPPIEST Place In The Caribbean

I was not surprise when I read the Black Enterprise article naming Trinidad and Tobago the HAPPIEST island in the Caribbean. Being raised in a trini household there was a euphoric feeling that LIFE was good and I knew no different outside of that. There was always humor to find in the simplest conversation or interactions. The excitement to see each other and the endearing names like “doo doo darling” or “sugar dumpling” are often used to express LOVE/affection. You see trini people see life in a simple sense: God, family, friends, food and a good fete (party) are what makes them who they are- truly “LOVERS OF LIFE! To be in their company, is intoxicating even if life has dealt them some blows, you will not find them having a pity party, but looking at the bright side of things.

The World Hapiness Reports the reason people from Trinidad and Tobago are the happiest in the Caribbean are due to the following:

  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita
  • Healthy life expectancy
  • Having someone to count on
  • Perceived freedom to make life choices
  • Freedom from corruption
  • Generosity

The article also noted the 15 holidays as another attribute. I would also add the rich culture of Trinidad and Tobago as another reason.  When you experience their culture, you gain some understanding why all the above items are vital to their HAPPINESS!

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Many happy faces at Trinidad Carnival 2014

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