Canaan in the Desert

I visited Canaan in the Desert in Phoenix, AZ.  This spiritual retreat depicts Jesus’ love and suffering for us.  This natural desert setting is a place for, prayer, reflection and being one with GOD.  Various trails lead visitors through the Garden of Jesus’ Sufferings and Resurrection.  During my visit I spent most of my time at The Fountain of the Fathers Goodness.  A tranquil fountain with the following inscriptions and spigots at each base: Father of Comfort, Father of Mercy, Father of Love, Father of Grace, Father of Patience, Father of Faithfulness, Father of Goodness.  I drank from the Love spigot.  A reminder for me to do everything in LOVE!

I left Canaan in the Desert feeling spiritually rejuvenated…  I will return…




Drinking of LOVE




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