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Umoya Designs “inner child”

Umoya Designs and my "inner child".  Gemstone bracelet was handmade by Tscherina Telesford of Umoya Designs. Continue Reading

Designer Rick Owens Makes A Statement At Paris Fashion Week With NY Step Team

Designer Rick Owens took an unconventional stance on the runway during Paris Fashion Week. Instead of using models, to wear his 2014 Spring line, he used a step team from New York called "Step With Momentum". The curvaceous women were of all shades of brown which has not been the norm at many of the runway shows. These ladies step their hearts out in Paris and you can feel the emotion in every movement. To learn more about Step With Momentum, visit their sites: http://www.stepwithmomentum... Continue Reading

ISMS Approved vs. ISMS What The Hell

The BET Awards last night was enjoyable to watch.  Some of the attire was questionable and made me tilt my head to the side as to say "What The Hell" were you thinking or as I would say "ISMS WTH".  There were some beautiful women last hight and they got the "ISMS Approved".  Celebritiism and money seems to mess with the minds and eyes of some walking the red carpet.  The oooooo's and ahhhhh's truly shows how superficial our society really is.  Nonetheless, it was a great show and the ... Continue Reading

The Sexy Chic Beach Cover up

This sexy beach dress is just in time for summer.  It gives the body a chic look with a layered front and a plunge in the back that is breathtaking.  The transformation from beach/pool with this beach dress gives a no fuss attitude for the summer.  This is on my list of summer must haves.  Available at Victoria Secrets online in two lengths short or long at a cost of $39.50. Continue Reading

Breast Milk Jewelry

Keepsake memories of a mothers pregnancy can be preserved through breast milk and placed in jewelry.  Brooke Becker the owner of the Etsy Shop Milk.Mom.Baby sells a do it yourself kit at $15.00 for mothers to preserve their breast milk.  The Etsy Shop also sells locket style jewelry which can be used to encase the memento.  The lockets range from $29.00-$38.00.  The idea is creative and unique.  However, it does seem a little odd that a mother may want to preserve her milk.  The process ... Continue Reading

Nails by Tsche

My Guest Blog on FASHinNY... I am happy to have my first Guest Blogger, welcome Tsche from the lifestyle blog Flirting With My Isms!  Tsche is no stranger to the fashion world and I thought it would be great to feature her take on Spring/Summer trends for nails. The world of nail polish, nail art, nail embellishment has graduated into conversation starters, statement messages and has become an unconventional accessory.  The colors for Spring/Summer 2013 resemble jewel tones, ... Continue Reading

The Architectural Personality of Shoes

Shoe construction has become so complex, that you have to wonder how can anyone walk in some shoes.  I LOVE a SEXY stiletto and the more outrageous, the more I have to try it on.  There is a cautionary side to the configuration of  the 2013 shoes: 1.  You are only to wear and look cute..Ladies don't expect to walk miles in these conversation pieces.  No running, imitating Ms. Sasha Fierce or playing Video Vixen. 2.  Practice balancing and walking around the house before you even try ... Continue Reading

The Love of Green

Spring 2013 takes us on a voyage of  deep hues that resemble the brilliance of emeralds.  I am a new lover of the color green and the magnificent variations that represent this bold color.  Just like money, you will not be able to do without.  Like the O'Jays said "Some People Got To Have It" and I "Really Need It" because I am "GREEN with ENVY" for this color! Continue Reading

The Sheer Side of Spring 2013

Fashion trends for Spring 2013 are attracting the silhouette of the feminine body with see through hip hugging leggings and playful "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" (ode to Kenya of RHWOA) dresses, skirts. The sheers do give a touch of sex appeal, class and girlness. I have to admit I LOVE sheers and have many pieces that I refused to get rid of because I just knew there would be a second time around and I am too tickled with excitement! Continue Reading