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Marley Coffee

Marley Coffee in the Keurig is simply delightful.  I made my Marley Coffee on ice and it was a tasty experience which my taste buds enjoyed!  All I can hear is Bob playing in the background! Continue Reading

St. Croix United States Virgin Islands on Bizarre Foods America

St. Croix USVI my birthplace was featured on the show Bizarre Foods America. I smiled while watching the clips. I LOVE Island People and our "Islandness". Enjoy.... ANDREW'S TOP 5 FOR ST. CROIX BEST CALLALOO IN ST. CROIX ROADSIDE TREAT IN ST. CROIX FISHING IN ST. CROIX Continue Reading

Naturalists In Commercials

Have you noticed how Naturalists are widely accepted in mainstream commercials.  Its exciting to see commercials define individuality as acceptable, increases awareness on self esteem and paints diverse expressions of BEAUTY. Natural hair is not just a style for some, but if you get to know the women on this journey, there is so much self acceptance and negating those myths that society has told us that we must subscribe too.  As a Naturalists, I embrace all the images that are similar to me ... Continue Reading

The Spirited Side of Teas…..

Ever wondered what tea and wine combined would taste like...  Vintage TEAWORKS has found a creative way to celebrate the taste of calming teas and smoothe wines.  I could not resist after visiting the site, I had to place an order.  My taste buds can not wait to indulge in the two worlds. S tay tune for my review...  Visit at http://www.vintageteaworks.com Continue Reading