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The line Sinful COLORS nail polishes caught my eye as I visited Walgreen's.  The electrifying colors by this line was enough to force me (yes I said force) to pick up this color Pull Over (fitting name).  All I could hear was Patra in my head singing "Pull Up To My Bumper Baby".  The cashier smiled back at me not knowing how my mind is in constant correlating mode. I had my nails done by Lee at Lee Nails in Phoenix, Arizona.  Her artistic flow and my creative mind collaborated in this nail ... Continue Reading

DermOrganic Review

I try to be consistent with the products I use on my locs.  I received sample products from Dee of Nubian Glam Rock in Phoenix, AZ.  I tried Derm Organic (pictured above) with a bit of skepticism.  While washing my "Crowning Glory" I noticed the shampoo had minimal lather. I remember hearing on the Wen infomercial that lather strips the hair.  My washing experience with DermOrganic was better than I had expected. My locs maintained a luster and I did not experience the dryness  after ... Continue Reading

Her Hair Journey-Candice Antoine

The decision of going natural is a spiritual journey a woman has with her hair and the most HIGH!  The journey is different for every woman, the transition is a process and the outcome of beautiful healthy hair is the desireable outcome. I met Candice Antoine on Facebook through her page Brown Sugah Natural https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brown-Sugah-Natural/158490507596739.  That's where I saw her story which is located on http://www.essence.com/2013/03/14/my-journey-natural-how-i-lear... Continue Reading

Phoenix International Natural Hair Meetup Day: NATURAL HAIR WAR!

On Saturday May 18th at Mijana Grill in Tempe AZ from 2pm-6pm.  All the Beauties in the Valley natural or in transition will celebrate the richness and freedom of  womanhood through their hair.  The event host are Dee Desniege Jose, Crystal Williams-Jackson and Dani Lydia and their official events page on Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/events/348125905293776/  For tickets visit http://www.inticketing.com/events/295970 This event will be filled with many goodies for all who ... Continue Reading

Its All About ME….

 I took this picture from the Natural Queen's site. Visit her sites and blog: https://www.facebook.com/NaturallyQueen http://thenaturalcrown.com/?blogsub=confirming#subscribe-blog Continue Reading

The Scent of A Woman

Halle Berry admitted to Conan O'Brien while speaking about her line of fragrances, that she applies on her thighs. There is a science to applying fragrances/perfume and it relates to the pulse points on the body. These pulse points emanate heat which allows the fragrance/perfume to leave your skin into the air. The locations to apply a fragrance/perfume on the body are the neck area, behind the ear lobes, cleavage, inner wrist, inner elbow and behind the knees. Like Ms. Halle I apply ... Continue Reading

My Natural Hair Saga

When I started my journey to go natural, the fear of no longer relaxing my hair and wearing weaves would send me into deep avoidance riddled with tons of excuses.  It wasn't until I lost clumps of hair after my wedding due to all the over processing that was done for that big day!  My circumstances of hair loss forced me to stay away from all that binded me to a false sense of beauty. After I started the courageous walk and decided to grow locs.  I have been on a natural high with the ... Continue Reading

The Umoya Movement

The Umoya Movement Defining the Umoya Movement has come from my own personal journey with evolving into the woman that I am today. As a black woman yes this journey begins with my hair. It has been a constant battle for me with the whole hair acceptance and buying into crazy societal ideologies about what my hair should or should not look like. At the beginning I was skeptical about going natural and constantly battled with myself on the transformation. When I think back and reflect on how much ... Continue Reading