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Marvels Relaunches Spider Woman

I am not really into comics, but of course I became intrigued when I saw the new relaunch of Spider Woman. Jessica Drew plays the role of parent by day and super hero by night. Set to launch in October, I can't wait to read this story line. There are many women who play this role and have to juggle parenting and careers. It becomes even more challenging when you are balancing womanhood and feeling sexy in your own skin (I can so relate to that especially after the birth of my daughter). ... Continue Reading

Lessons from Fancy Nancy the Musical

Merriam-Webster defines the word "Fancy" as made or done with great care or with much detail.  I took my daughter and friends to see "Fancy Nancy The Musical' at the Main Street Theater.  I was pleasantly surprise by the content and the acting skills of the performers.  It was quite engaging and the shark rap was really unexpected.  My daughter and her friends enjoyed it and  we all walked away with a new found understanding of "Fancy". FANCY Lessons: FANCY is a state of ... Continue Reading


On April 14th, 2015, Courtney Summers  who is an author of young adult fiction challenges the public to "take the opportunity to tell the girls you know—and the ones you don’t—that they are seen, heard and loved. Share advice. Be encouraging. Tell us about or thank the girls in your life who have made a difference in yours. Use the hashtag #ToTheGirls along with your personal message of support and encouragement across your social media platforms" (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram ... Continue Reading

She Married Herself

I read this story earlier this week and of course as everyone else, I was curious about her story.  Yasmin Elbey decided to marry herself in celebration of God giving her 40 yrs in this beautiful world!  People may have laughed at her decision to marry herself, but it makes sense.  Why not celebrate you and spend lavishly on your special day.  I commend her for this idea and that she used her ceremony to share the message of self love to her guest by way of three ministers. This morning ... Continue Reading

Tell Us How You Really Feel

When I heard about this clip yesterday I had to do a Google search and to my disbelief I was shocked. So shocked that I had to look at the clip 3-4 times.  Each time I laughed because Charlo Greene was so matter of fact with her delivery.  I wasn't shocked about her "cannabis movement", it was her flipped shoulder shrugging demeanor that got me!  I wasn't even offended by the F it at the time and I'm still not.  So I went on to check her FB out because there had to be more to her that ... Continue Reading

Shake It Off Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift could not have sang the chorus any better "Shake It Off". In a world of opinions, assumptions and accusations it could make a sane person want to go mad. Everyone has their role and once I learn what it is, then I decide how much time I want to invest in the MESS. I have been there and at the end of the day, it serves no good to pay attention to what people have to say especially when they don't know. So I keep it moving and "Shake It Off". Continue Reading

The Way You See Me James Fortune & FIYA

I adore this song for all the reasons one should LOVE themselves. Continue Reading

All About That Bass Meghan Trainor

This bubblegum song has an inspirational message about body image. Continue Reading

Kudos To Social Media & Women Everywhere

Sometimes the social media experience can feel like 10 hour days of ridiculousness.  This week was the exception when women from Turkey and all over the world used a simple expression of smiles in protest of the public message  from Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc.  His opinion regarding women smiling and laughing in public stirred up emotions which sent social media buzzing with selfies of happy smiling women all over the world!  I think its fabulous that women positively ... Continue Reading

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

This social experiment by the all female band The Mrs. is a must see!  The power of two words  I'm Enough is empowering not just for the women that participated, but also for the loved ones that took the time to share there inner most feelings. I know #imEnough! Continue Reading

Women Lead Collaboration

Excited about this two part series by ReeJade Richmond of S.H.E Search for Her Existence. Continue Reading

Sallie Mae Pay My Tuition Please

This parody is funny, but the reality of it is many of us leave college with a degree and in debt up to our eyeballs with no emploment pulling six figures. No one prepares you for the feeling after you leave school and receive your first Sallie Mae bill. Not to mention the figures in the box that seem to go on and on. Then there is the length of time you have to pay this off. Talk about anxiety and pressure. After undergraduate I toyed wit the idea of going to graduate school and I had ... Continue Reading

Did He Really Say That?

On Saturday I decided to get a massage with the Black Women That Rock Meetup Group.  I planned to be there on time, but the universe was not in alignment correctly and I was a tad-bit late.  Nonetheless, I made it and I knew I needed this massage after a week of constantly giving of myself to others. While I was waiting to be called for my massage, this gentleman comes in and goes to the window where payments are made.  As he proceeded to leave, he stopped where I was sitting and said, "Its ... Continue Reading

What’s Good Up To…

It only takes one to share a message, plant a seed and change directions!  You don't have to be in a powerful role in your life or have a bunch of followers on social media.  Just a positive message and courage to say what many people may be thinking, but not wanting to say.  Allstate got it right with this commercial... So what's GOOD UP TO? Continue Reading


A friend sent this to me and it motivated me to look at the things around me that I want to change and use my personal power for those improvements.  Less time worrying or complaining more time spent on goals towards the next chapter in my LIFE. // Post by Unstoppable Mother. Continue Reading

Webseries Venus vs Mars & All About The McKenzies Are Back

If you have never viewed webseries you are missing out especially with these two from the UK.  Venus vs Mars examines the excitement and difficulties with dating.  Venus takes the viewer through dating tales, relationship woes and long term friendship.  This webseries will not disappoint and you will be laughing from beginning to end.  Just be ready for when it ends, because you will be left wanting more.  Check out new episode below and all older episodes are available on You Tube. Venus ... Continue Reading

“In The Company Of Friends”

I am really getting into these webseries on You Tube.  In The Company of Friends, presents Vanessa Bell Calloway along with some of her celebrity and professional friends who chat it up on various topics.  I enjoyed their conversations and laughter.  You truly get to see what healthy friendships should look like among confident adults who value each other! Continue Reading

Lauralee Testimony

I viewed this video and I was moved that this young lady Lauralee took the time to record this message.  This video is a reminder that nothing is promised to us not even moments in time.  Life is precious...  I don't think I need to say anymore except, please watch and share! Continue Reading

Happy International Women’s Day

Women we are movers and shakers nationally in our personal and professional lives. The issues that affect us are so relatable and we are connected to this sisterhood on a deeper level! As we march on in our womanness, we must keep the sisterhood alive by positively supporting each other, uplifting each other and continue the efforts to address issues that affect US while creating a legacy! Happy International Women's Day.... I thought this video was fitting to share in honor of today! Continue Reading

Just Say Hello

If you have not seen Oprah's new initiative on loneliness and saying hello to familiar faces and strangers.  Imagine if we all took the time out of our absorbed selfie social media lives today to say hello to a familiar face and/or a stranger.  We really never know how much the hello meant to someone this morning.  Check out the video above and use the hashtag #JustsayHELLO.  It could make someones day! Continue Reading