4 posts from day 28/05/2014

Miss Calypso

Anything with Calypso, I have to smile...West Indian culture influenced even Dr. Maya Angelou. Continue Reading

Phenomenal Woman

Dr. Maya Angelou reads "Phenomenal Woman"...  I heard about Dr. Maya Angelou's passing today during my travels back to the west coast.  I was  stunned as I read the words from my soulful lil sis.  She was recalling using Dr. Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman for her quote in high school and got to see her at Bennett College. As I recall my encounter with Dr. Maya Angelou's work, it was in high school (Brookline, MA) as we were reading many literary works for our senior papers.  I Know The ... Continue Reading

Dr. Maya Angelou’s Reflection of Her Mother

The beauty of Dr. Maya Angelou was her ability to find good in any situation especially the story she shares with Oprah about her mother. Once you LOVE someones LIFE, you understand their LIFE. Her mother may not have had the skills as a young mother, but she planted seeds that inspired Dr. Maya Angelou to greatness through her works. Continue Reading

Doo Wop That Thing

Lauryn Hill and daughter Selah Marley perform the chorus of "Doo Wop That Thing".   I still am a lover of Lauryn Hill despite all the negative press, she still continues to rise above it all. She is an example of the Maya Angelou poem "Still I Rise".  Check out the video from Black Celebs Kids. Continue Reading