2 posts from day 27/03/2014


I can not get enough of this Pharrell song as I brush my teeth while performing some of my favorite lines. Everytime I hear it, it's as if I am hearing it for the first time. Experiencing this song with some of my favorite ladies (Dee of Nubian Glam Rock and the ladies of Black Women That Rock) in the "VALLEY" really showed me how similar we all are especially when it comes to just wanting HAPPINESS for ourselves and others--> NOW THAT IS AN UNSELFISH PLACE TO BE! So HAPPINESS can be ... Continue Reading

What’s Good Up To…

It only takes one to share a message, plant a seed and change directions!  You don't have to be in a powerful role in your life or have a bunch of followers on social media.  Just a positive message and courage to say what many people may be thinking, but not wanting to say.  Allstate got it right with this commercial... So what's GOOD UP TO? Continue Reading