4 posts from day 29/09/2013

T.D. Jakes Mind, Body & Soul

T.D. Jakes new talk show Mind, Body & Soul to air on BET on Sunday October 6th. From the pulpit, to producer, to talk show hosts T.D. is building his resume. Continue Reading

Help Me Save 300

I heard about this unfortunate event in the news, but I had not taken the time to really read about it until this weekend.  Ex NFL player Brian Holloway's home was broken into and vandalized by 300 young people.  The incident has gotten much attention in the media and social media.  The outrage of the act committed is unexplainable and outright disrespectful.   The young people that participated in the activities at the Holloway home had no care in the world nor did they seem to feel any ... Continue Reading

St. Croix United States Virgin Islands on Bizarre Foods America

St. Croix USVI my birthplace was featured on the show Bizarre Foods America. I smiled while watching the clips. I LOVE Island People and our "Islandness". Enjoy.... ANDREW'S TOP 5 FOR ST. CROIX BEST CALLALOO IN ST. CROIX ROADSIDE TREAT IN ST. CROIX FISHING IN ST. CROIX Continue Reading

I am calling this Monday Morning…..Da Da Daaa

I have had the Da Da Daaa tag line from the Sloth in the movie The Croods ringing in my ears.  I was remimded of the Sloth by my family and remembered we took Lil Diva to see it.  We viewed it old school style at the Glendale Drive In.  The lyrical sound of Da Da Daa from the Sloth gave importance to the message that was just stated. I am calling this Monday Morning.... Lets all say it together.... Da Da Daaa  Giggle :) Have a fabulous day!!!!!! Continue Reading