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The BET Experience Black Girls Rock: Rebuilding The Village

Lil Mama was inspiring with her views on Rachel Jeantel.  "I am all about LOVE in a multicultural world prolific" comment from Tricia Rose Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University.  Feeling so empowered hearing these women speak! Lil Mama is adorable!  This video says it all.  Each One Teach One!!! Proud to be a Black Woman raising a Black Girl! Continue Reading

ISMS Approved vs. ISMS What The Hell

The BET Awards last night was enjoyable to watch.  Some of the attire was questionable and made me tilt my head to the side as to say "What The Hell" were you thinking or as I would say "ISMS WTH".  There were some beautiful women last hight and they got the "ISMS Approved".  Celebritiism and money seems to mess with the minds and eyes of some walking the red carpet.  The oooooo's and ahhhhh's truly shows how superficial our society really is.  Nonetheless, it was a great show and the ... Continue Reading