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Phoenix International Natural Hair Meetup Day: NATURAL HAIR WAR!

On Saturday May 18th at Mijana Grill in Tempe AZ from 2pm-6pm.  All the Beauties in the Valley natural or in transition will celebrate the richness and freedom of  womanhood through their hair.  The event host are Dee Desniege Jose, Crystal Williams-Jackson and Dani Lydia and their official events page on Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/events/348125905293776/  For tickets visit http://www.inticketing.com/events/295970 This event will be filled with many goodies for all who ... Continue Reading

Nails by Tsche

My Guest Blog on FASHinNY... I am happy to have my first Guest Blogger, welcome Tsche from the lifestyle blog Flirting With My Isms!  Tsche is no stranger to the fashion world and I thought it would be great to feature her take on Spring/Summer trends for nails. The world of nail polish, nail art, nail embellishment has graduated into conversation starters, statement messages and has become an unconventional accessory.  The colors for Spring/Summer 2013 resemble jewel tones, ... Continue Reading