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A Taste of TNT Bollywood Style….Drupatee & Machel – Indian Gyal

Drupatee and Machel team up for Indian Gyal.  The video is all Bollywood with a taste of the West Indies.  Carribbean culture is rich with many traditions.  Music is at the top of the list.  Its where we (West Indians) are free, socialize and fete (party) til the sun starts setting.  We revel in masquerading, eating, family and enjoying LIFE!  I am MY CULTURE! Continue Reading

Spring/Summer Prints

SPRING/SUMMER PRINTS SJB of FASHinNY is my Guest Blogger at FWMYisms. I am excited to have her contributions and her thoughts on Spring/Summer trends. Visit her blog page http://fashinny.blogspot.com and stay tune for more collaborative projects. Time to put away the black and take out the color! Nothing is more on trend this season than patterns- stripes, florals and polka dots are definitely the way to go so get on top of this trend and start layering the patterns! My favorite way to do it ... Continue Reading

Its All About ME….

 I took this picture from the Natural Queen's site. Visit her sites and blog: https://www.facebook.com/NaturallyQueen http://thenaturalcrown.com/?blogsub=confirming#subscribe-blog Continue Reading