2 posts from day 14/04/2013

FASHinNY meets the “Isms” DIVA

Guest Blogger Sara Jessica of FashINNY will be collaborating with me on the trendy looks for Spring/Summer...  Check out her blog at http://fashinny.blogspot.com. Its exciting when "Fashionable Spirits" can work together all in the name of style! Continue Reading

Sweet Brown Part 2

I was perusing some links on the internet and I came across clever marketing from the folks at Natural Ink Clothing.  If you read my post on Sweet Brown or became aware of her from You Tube.  Natural Ink Clothing combined the one liner that made Sweet Brown famous with the word RACISM...  Profound message and it is needed even more so today after hearing the news this weekend regarding the high school students in Georgia who want an integrated prom.  Its amazing "the land of the free and ... Continue Reading