5 posts from day 22/03/2013

Canaan in the Desert

I visited Canaan in the Desert in Phoenix, AZ.  This spiritual retreat depicts Jesus' love and suffering for us.  This natural desert setting is a place for, prayer, reflection and being one with GOD.  Various trails lead visitors through the Garden of Jesus' Sufferings and Resurrection.  During my visit I spent most of my time at The Fountain of the Fathers Goodness.  A tranquil fountain with the following inscriptions and spigots at each base: Father of Comfort, Father of Mercy, Father ... Continue Reading

The Lost Essence….

This article makes me wonder how much Time Inc. truly relates to the women that are long time Essence readers. An iconic magazine with a rich history has lost its essence to a big corporation.  I am a loyal reader and subscriber and I am bothered that the magazine I have grown up with and has shaped aspects of my womanliness is becoming out of touch with women of color!  Jada Pinkett-Smith asked via her Facebook page, "Will there ever be a day in which women will be able to see each other ... Continue Reading

Women, Skin Color & Magazine Covers

Must read article...  Thought provoking about women, skin color and magazine covers.   Continue Reading

The Spirited Side of Teas…..

Ever wondered what tea and wine combined would taste like...  Vintage TEAWORKS has found a creative way to celebrate the taste of calming teas and smoothe wines.  I could not resist after visiting the site, I had to place an order.  My taste buds can not wait to indulge in the two worlds. S tay tune for my review...  Visit at http://www.vintageteaworks.com Continue Reading

The Sheer Side of Spring 2013

Fashion trends for Spring 2013 are attracting the silhouette of the feminine body with see through hip hugging leggings and playful "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" (ode to Kenya of RHWOA) dresses, skirts. The sheers do give a touch of sex appeal, class and girlness. I have to admit I LOVE sheers and have many pieces that I refused to get rid of because I just knew there would be a second time around and I am too tickled with excitement! Continue Reading